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PNET Opto Issolated-Input Controller

Size: L - 2.5", W - 3.5", H - 0.5"

Four Opto-Isolated Inputs

Connect Switches, Buttons, Motion Sensors, any type of contact closure

PNET Command and Control

DIP Switch to set Function and Address

Directly Powered Over PNET

The PNET Opto-Input Controller allows you to sense events in your project with four optically-isolated trigger inputs.

Use devices such as, buttons, switches, and motion sensors to trigger lighting or audio events over PNET.

Most commonly paired with a Dream Player PRO to add more triggers to your project.

For each Opto-Input board you pair with a PRO you get an additional 4 triggers, with up to 32 triggers possible, plus a background track!

Meet the PNET Opto-Input Controller

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Layout Lighting Introduction Video

Starter Kit Assembly Video

Software Operation Video



The PNET Opto-Input Controller (PNET-IN)

Sense Events in your project with Four Optically-Isolated Trigger Inputs



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