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The PRICOM Automated Train Controller

Complete Train Controller Hardware & Software System

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The Automated Train Controller is the perfect addition to any home or club layout. Please download the PC Software and take it for a spin. You will quickly see how flexible you can make any automatic operations on your layout.

We are considering building a DCC Version of the Automated Train Controller. Send us an email and let us know if you are interested, and what DCC system you use! Should it control DCC devices via LocoNet?

Use a PC to create complex sequences of Movement, Turnout Positioning, Track Voltage, Station Sensors, then Write it to Non-Volatile Memory on the Controller. Unplug your PC and the Controller runs forever. Take it to a train show, use it on your layout, take it to a club meeting, anything. If you want to remove your configuration, the Non-Volatile Memory chip is in a socket, so you can have a few in your pocket, trade with others, keep a backup.

Once the Configuration is written to the Controller, you do NOT need to have a computer connected at all!

All Software is upgradeable without removing any chips. The complete Firmware on the Controller is in FLASH memory, and can be upgraded from the PC with a new Image file.

Download the Users Manual or the REAL PC Software right now, and see what you can dream-up with the flexibility of this Automated Train Controller.


The Ultimate Christmas Train Controller

Ever get tired of putting a Tech-II under the tree, only to have the Train go around, and around, and around. What about a Turnout and a siding? Wouldn't that be cool? Do you really want to sit there by the tree and control the train manually? With the PRICOM Train Controller, you can program long wait times, let the Train run a complex shuttle between multiple platforms on multiple sidings. What an improvement from watching the elves play those stupid bells over and over, or watching a little Santa wiggle his but, or sitting and watching the tree lights blink. This Christmas, make your Christmas Train the Southern Pacific version of the Polar Express.

Trolley Controller

An automated Trolley Line is a nice addition to any home or club layout, especially when there are a limited number of operators. As a modeler, we love taking guests on tours of our layout. Having ‘action’ on the layout always impresses the guests, especially when it is realistic. The ‘routes’ and ‘schedules’ of the Train Controller allows the action to be varied, and realistic, only limited by your imagination.

Automated Passenger Line

Similar to the Trolley Controller listed above, adding an automatic passenger line to your layout can add realism that is impossible to get with a simple ‘crash the buffers’ type of auto-reversing controller. Manually running some trains and having some automated trains adds a depth to your layout that is tough to match. A complete train schedule can be entered, and automatically run to mimic actual prototypical operations. One of my favorite is the West-Line from the C&NW in Chicago. We have included a sample Configuration of this line to help you understand what can be accomplished with the Train Controller. We have more features and options planned to make a passenger line even more prototypical.

Shelf Layout Controller

A self-contained shelf layout can benefit from having some scheduled activities, especially if there is limited space for control systems. Having an automated line or trolley can add that extra dimension of realism to a small layout with limited space.

Display Layout Controller

A display layout has the unique challenge of what to do when people are watching and what to do when they are not. The PRICOM Train Controller gives you the ability to configure automatic operations when some external trigger event occurs, such as motion detectors, or a simple push-button. Having a layout behind a glass window, with a button to start the action saves the motors in the trains, and helps reduce the maintenance of the layout. With the ‘schedules’ and ‘routes’ in our Train Controller, the layout can do so much more than just ‘run in circles’.

Brief introduction to the features. (Click on a screen for larger image)


Electronic sensors (usually Hall-Effect) are used to detect location of your Loco on the track. Each one is called a Station, and each is given a unique name. In our example we named them after the C&NW Metra West Line from Geneva to Chicago, IL. Multiple sensors can be attached to a single Station Sensor input. The system comes with 8 Station input conenctions..


Eight Switch Machine outputs are provided to drive 4 Momentary (Snap), Slow Motion (Motor), or Constant (Stall) Turnouts. You can name the Turnouts, set the supply voltage (8-20Volts), set the movement time, and also set the polarity of the movement. All outputs are Solid-State. Add more Turnouts with our expansion package (planned).


Now define your routes, or how a train gets from one place to another. On our sample route called "Morning Inbound" we travel from Geneva to Chicago in 30 programmable steps, stopping at Stations, setting Turnouts, and Waiting for passengers along the way. You can have over 100 Routes. Each Route can have over 100 Steps to to it. If you need more, we can handle it!


You arrange the Routes into any order to create a Schedule. For our sample setup, we run the Morning Inbound and Morning Outbound until after the 'Rush' is over. Then we switch to Daytime Inbound and Daytime Outbound. But get ready for the evening 'Rush' with Evening Inbound and Evening Outbound. This sample takes over 30 minutes to run, and will continue forever until you stop it. You can also have multiple schedules. No reason to run all those trains on the 'weekend'.


You can monitor current activities at any time with the Status page. Here you can see Voltage Levels, Current Draw, Train Activity, and Status Messages. Who needs to use a Volt Meter, we built it into this unit.


Once you have built the ultimate Schedule, Write it to the Controller. You can also Read the current Configuration from the Controller, Reset the Controller, Write Firmware updates (no need to EVER change an EPROM), Start and Stop the Trains. You can save ANY configuration to the PC Disk, and trade Configuration files with us, or any other user.


Complete Train Controller System With All Hardware & Software.

Includes Controller, 12 Volt Wall Transformer, 4-Sensor Harnesses with 8 sensors, 2-Turnout Harnesses for 4 Turnouts, PC Serial Cable, CD with Software



Train Controller & Software.

Includes Controller, PC Serial Cable, CD with Software.

You supply the Transformer, Sensors, Sensor Harnesses, and Turnout Harnesses (parts available separately).



Train Controller Accessories.

Click here  for a complete line of 'extra' parts and wiring harnesses to use with your Train Controller.

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