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New Bob's Bench article for ripping CD's to your computer.


Bob's Bench article for the new Dream Switcher available.


Dream Switcher released. Check out the User Manual.


The Dream Player is featured in Model Railroader. A Step-By-Step article on How To Add Sound to your Layout appears in the August issue on page 36!


Dream Player's now in stock at Loy's Toys! Buy Here


See Tony's Trains review of the Dream Player Here


The DCC Tester is listed in Model Railroader Magazine's new products section. See the June issue on page 14!


DCC Tester Updated to V1.52 Firmware. See the DCC Tester Downloads Page to download your FREE upgrade today!


Latest additions: Mack's Track and Gadget Tom's Hobby added to the expanding Dealers Page


DCC Tester User Manual revised for V1.5 Firmware. See the DCC Tester Downloads Page to download your FREE manual.


DCC Tester Updated to V1.51 Firmware. See the DCC Tester Downloads Page to download your FREE upgrade today!


Announcing Bob's Bench. Here you will find application hints and ideas for your projects.


Latest additions: Litchfield Station and Model RR Craftsman added to our brand new Dealers Page

Dream Player 

Finally bring life to your layout with sound! Not the mobile in-train kind, but the whole Layout Sound kind. This system includes a solid-state player, opto-isolated external input triggers for DCC Decoders or simple push-buttons, and control outputs for controlling automated layout devices.

Complete Plug and Play Package Now Available

Dream Switcher

Want to route the 4 seperate tracks on the Dream Player to 4 different locations? The Dream Switcher is the answer. Quite simply, this is 4 relays that can send the audio from a Dream Player, or other audio source, around your layot to 4 sets of speakers.

DCC Pocket Tester   (firmware v1.52 )

Ever wanted to see all the data on your rails, or figure out why a loco doesn't respond? The DCC Pocket Tester is a complete protocol analyzer and data capture device for DCC model railroading. Test all your track, sidings, controllers, and wiring. Detailed and accurate.

Decodes the new Analog Playable Wistle Packet. Also a new OpsMode programming monitor screen!

(actual unit not pictured)

DCC Companion

This crafty little unit is a Pocket Programmer compatible with DecoderPRO, a 2Amp DCC Starter System, and a Universal Throttle, all in one!

Who needs a computer to set all those CV's? Removable SD FLASH storage allows archiving and sharing your perfect speed tables, engine rosters, even on the road at the show. Decoder Definitions can be moved back and forth between DecoderPRO! Use this programmer to simplify your CV settings by using simple menus to program ANY decoder. Built in programming track driver (2-Amp) enables programming those power-hungry locos, without any external devices or boosters!

(Update: Several development contracts have resulted in less time to spend on the DCC Companion. We are growing more excited about the features this unit offers, and several important pieces have now been completed. However, we are not exactly sure when this product will be complete.


Software Updates and Downloads

Visit this page for available downloads including User Manuals, FLASH Image Files, and PC Software to support the PRICOM Railroading Products.

Bob's Bench

Visit this area for application hints, tips, tricks, and even product reviews. Ever wondered how to connect a Block Occupancy Detector? How about a Dream Player and a Tortoise? This is the place to find out how

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Links to Many other Railroading Sites!