Audio Switcher

Audio Switcher

Four Output Stereo Switcher

Route 4 Stereo Audio Outputs

Four Stereo Outputs on 3.5mm Jacks

Stereo Input on 3.5mm Jack

Power the relays with Anything!

Size: L- 2.25", W- 3.5", H- 0.5"

Board Only



Audio Switcher Features

The Audio Switcher is simply Four Relays that route a single Stereo Audio Input signal to Four Stereo Output signals.

All Audio inputs and outputs are connected using standard 3.5mm (1/8") Stereo Audio cables.

You can use this switcher to route a single audio source, such as one of our Dream Players, to 4 different speaker system.

The Relays are 5VDC controlled, so can be used with a Dream Player, Arduino, or any other source of a 5VDC control signal. The relays do not have any driver circuits on the coils, so your control source needs to be able to power the relay coil directly. We have used super-low-power relays to enable controlling them directly from a Arduino or other CPU without needed any extra circuitry.

When used with one of our Dream Players, the audio signal can be routed to four different speaker systems depending on what track is playing. Keep in mind that the Dream Player can only produce one Audio Output, so you can only play the track to a single scene at a time. This Audio Switcher will not make a Dream Player able to play 4 files at the same time to 4 different scenes, you would need 4 Dream Players for that. Or you could consider a Dream Player MC which does have 4 Stereo Outputs that all operate simultaiously.

The Audio Switcher can be used with PRICOM Dream Players, CD players, or any other audio source signal. It can also be used for low-level power switching.

Audio Switcher Videos

PRICOM Audio Switcher Wiring

Operation of the Power Switcher

Audio Switcher Accessories

Audio Patch Cables

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Audio Players

Full line of Solid-State Audio Players to use with your Audio Switcher

Audio Switcher Downloads

Audio Switcher Quick Start Guide

Complete PDF of the Audio Switcher Quick Start Guide