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Morton's Academy (One Room SchoolHouse)

The Morton's Academy (One Room Schoolhouse) is located in Swansboro North Carolina

This One Room Schoolhouse was built in 1880 and used through the mid 1920's. Filled with memories and memorabilia this museum takes you on a blast from the past experience of our country's education system.

Restoration of the Schoolhouse was completed in 2013 by: Clayton, Robert and Norman Wells.

Voice audio was set up to four manequins (Teacher and 3 students) located throughout the school room using a Dream Player MK2 Amplified and a Dream Power Switcher. Four computer speakers (hidden inside the manequins) and four arcade buttons are used to activate the voice audio from the seperate manequins creating a new level of realism for the museum's visitors.

For more information on Morton's Academy: CLICK HERE