PNET Cables

PNET Cables

Flat 6-wire Modular Cables in various lengths

PNET Command and Control

High-Quality stranded copper, not foil!

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PNET Cable Features

PNET uses 6-pin modular connectors with 6-conductor cable. You can make your own straight-through cables, or buy these pre-tested PNET cables.

Our PNET cables use 26 gauge stranded copper wire as their foundation. If you shop on Amazon or eBay for these cables, they usually are "flip" cables that reverse the conductors. Not only that, most of the cheap ones out there are using 28 gauge wire, and sometimes they use the "silver foil" for wire. The problem with that is you have little power carrying capability using inferior cables. Why not just get the officially tested and guaranteed cables?

Contact us for any custom lengths. We would be happy to help you keep things reliable

Use to add triggers input boards, or output boards to your PRICOM Layout Lighting Solution or Dream Player that include the PNET feature.

PNET Cable Videos

PNET OptoInput Controller with Layout Lighting

Layout Lighting Starter Kit Assembly

Layout Lighting Software Operation

PNET Cable Accessories

PNET Terminators

Terminate your PNET to keep the signal quality at its best

PNET DC Power Controller

Need more power per output? The PNET DC Power Controller has 4 outputs at 8 Amps each using PNET

Spare Power Supply

Always a good idea to have a spare Power Supply around

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