Active Mixer

Active Mixer

Four Input Stereo Mixer

Rotary controls for level adjustment

Four Stereo Inputs on 3.5mm Jacks

Stereo Output on 3.5mm Jack

Includes power supply

Size: L- 2", W- 3.5", H- 1"

Complete Kit



Active Mixer Features

The PRICOM Design Audio Mixer-Active Edition allows you to take the audio ouput of up to four different devices and mix them together into one output.

For example: Let's say you have four Devices being triggered by four seperate sources, playing seperate tracks in different lengths of time but you want to use only one set of speakers in your project. You would use the active mixer to take the indivual outputs of the four devices and mix them together into one pair of speakers within your project.

The Active Mixer uses standard 3.5mm audio connectors allowing you to use it for a wide variety of products and applications. Not just for PRICOM Products, the standard 3.5mm connectors allows you to connect any audio or CD player!

On-board knobs allow you to adjust the audio level for each individual device.

If you're looking for something to enhance your next big idea order an Active Mixer today!

Active Mixer Videos

PRICOM Active Mixer Wiring

Operation of the Active Mixer

Active Mixer Accessories

Audio Patch Cables

Don't forget Audio Patch Cables

Spare Power Supply

Always a good idea to have a spare Power Supply around

Audio Players

Full line of Solid-State Audio Players to use with your Active Mixer

Active Mixer Downloads

Active Mixer Quick Start Guide

Complete PDF of the Active Mixer Quick Start Guide